UFO Sighting in Saint Petersburg, Florida on 2016-09-30 22:15:00 – Observed north to south over st. petersburg, fl; a large boomerang shape, no lights, no sounds

1. with neighbor, walking dog, down our street.
2. movement
3. did not know; exclaimed:”what is that? what is that?
4. it was very dark, boomerang shaped, definitely mechanical, yet emitted no sound or light, completely silent. i was looking down the sidewalk facing west when i looked up and saw it. it glided swiftly over us from north to south over a cloud bank.
5. in shock, awe, very glad that my girlfriend and neighbor also saw it. reaction was “what is that” “what am i seeing”. we watched the area intensely during and after sighting the object, then saw two high altitude jets going the same direction very fast.
6.It went over a large cloud bank.

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