UFO News Article: “Flying Saucer Seen Over A-Bomb Camp”

3 August 1952
(The Sunday Star-News, Wilmington, North Carolina)
The whole article:
“Another flying saucer story: the Air Force said today an ‘unidentified object’ has been reported flying over Los Alamos, N.M., site of major atomic energy installations.
An Air Force spokesman said the sightings were reported last Tuesday (29 July 1952), about noon.
Observers on the ground reported watching, through binoculars, something shiny and apparently metallic in the sky for 30 minutes. They said the object was travelling at high but erractic speed.
Three jet fighters were asked to investigate. While the planes were in the air, the same object or a similar one was observed from the ground for about two minutes, but was not seen by the fighter pilots.
A ground observer said the object made a 360-degree turn to get in the rear of the fighters.
The information was released here in response to queries after Kirtland Air Force Base, near Los Alamos, declined to give out a statement.”
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Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
(wikimedia.org photo) (wikimedia.org)

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