UFO News Article: “ ‘Strange Lights’ Baffling to Couple at Outdoor Movie”

23 July 1952
(Spokane Daily Chronicle, Washington)
The whole article:
“Were there ‘flying saucers’ in the western sky here last night between 9 and 11 p.m.?
Stanley D. Taylor, clerk of the federal court here, and Mrs. Taylor saw about 40 ‘strange lights’ here last night (22 July 1952), Taylor said today.
‘We were at a drive-in movie north of town,’ he said. ‘We saw the lights above the screen. They were definitely not spotlights, nor airplanes nor stars.
‘They were about the size of medium-sized stars, and they traveled across the sky in different patterns and at a terrific rate of speed—I judged about 1500 miles an hour.
‘One of them shot across the sky, stopped and shot right back again over the same course.
‘Another one shot up in the sky to a point and then dropped back, forming a triangle’
The security office at Fairchild air force base said no other reports of ‘flying saucers’ had been made here for more than a week.
Officers at the base said they did not know what the lights seen by Taylor were.”

Satellite photo of Spokane, Washington (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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