UFO Sighting in Lake George, Minnesota on 2005-10-10 00:00:00 – I had 10,000,000 flashlight and was shining it up in the sky and from the sw the object stop over my house for 20 sec and then left the same direction

My friend and i was trying out a 10,000,000 candle power flashlight and made the comment let see if we can find the space station and was shining it into the sky and after only a few sec. this object came from the s.W. so fast it seem instant. it was huge! so huge that it block out the sky over my yard, i was standing there looking up a the size and my friend said what in the hell is that and i said i don’t see the flag or u.S.A.F. on it and then i heard the door slam? my friend and run into the house and left me out there in the yard by myself. then as fast as it came it left in the same direction, i then went into the house and said to my friend what happen to you? he just set on the chair and would not give me a answer he was that scared. i haven’t seen it since. when i was looking at it i could see structure and notice lights and windows and the sheer size of the object, it wasn’t large it was massive. dean hooker

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