UFO Sighting in Licking, Missouri on 2016-09-28 19:45:00 – 3 extremely bright white lights very slowly moving across the sky then just vanishing

As i stepped out into my back yard at 7:45 pm on the 28th of september 2016 i spotted to the east a very bright white light moving just over the casey’s down the street from me. it was moving very slowly.Almost as if it was hovering. i grabbed my binoculars for a better look and i could see that it was actually 3 bright white lights in a straight row. no other lights were visible. if i watched it for about 1 minute, maybe 2, and then the lights just turned off. as i looked through my binoculars i could not see anything there. just blank sky. i continued to search the sky for a while both with and without binoculars. at 8:14 pm directly straight up from the position that the lights vanished, in the great square of the pegasus constellation i witnessed a very bright flash as if someone had just taken a picture from the sky. i looked with my binoculars but there was nothing there to see. a moment later i watched another light begin moving slowly across the milky way heading north. this light started moving not to far from where the flash was seen.

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