UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 2016-10-01 21:05:00 – See detailed discriptions

When i was walking on the street alone, suddenly a light caught my eyes, then i looked up. at first i thought it’s a helicopter, but soon i realized it’s not because it made small noise(much smaller than normal helicopter). after i realized it was something unusual, i immediately took out my phone and tried to take photos, however, unfortunately i forgot to turn off the flashlight, and after i took the first photo(with flashlight), the object began to change its direction and flew away(didn’t speeded up). it looked like today’s modern warplane but it’s much quieter. after i witnessed it, my first reaction was to call authorities to report this case, but i didn’t find any number to call so i gave up. and as i searched on google how to report, the object went out of my sight, when i realized i should chase it it’s already too late.

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