UFO Sighting in Hondo, Texas on 2016-07-30 04:43:00 – Captured a object on cellphone, when zoomed in you can see one object hovering and then another object appears right next to it, or it turned on its other light, i have no clue, maybe you guys can help

Me and my girlfriend were stargazing as we usually do on clear night, smoking cigarettes and drinking hot tea, my eyes instantly caught the attention of a object hovering around and while in movement i can see it get dimmer and brighter, right away i knew it wasn’t an airplane or any kind of helicopter, plus it looked so far away, and moving so swiftly, i can see while im filming the object all i see is it hovering and getting brighter and dimmer, but when i zoom in my footage clearly shows another object get in frame, or the object turned on its other lights, hopefully this video helps

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