UFO Sighting in Chestertown, Maryland on 2016-09-29 20:00:00 – Cross with white light at end of each arm. looked like small plane w landing lights at first

9/29/16 about 8 pm edt. standing in my living room, i noticed a plane approaching from the west. thought it was too low, about 15 degrees above the horizon and about 500 feet altitude. went into the front yard to study. as it neared my location, maybe a quarter mile, started turning slightly right. as it flew over my location i noticed there were no blinking lights. no red or green lights. only bright white lights at four points, front, left, right and back. they were equally spaced. i would guess about the distance of a single engine fixed-wing wing span. then i noticed the sound. it was unlike any aircraft sound i’ve heard before. it was a kind of whoosh. it’s speed was constant. the things that struck me were the four white lights, no red or green lights and no belly strobe, the low flight path and the whoosh sound as it passed. there was no noticeable delay between the visual and the sound so i assume it was about 500 feet up. i could not make out a shape. it was as dark as the night sky. it flew out of sight to the south east, blocked by trees and buildings. i stood staring at the blank sky trying comprehend what just happened. it wasn’t until the next evening that i shared what i saw with my son and his girlfriend. i am reporting on the chance that someone else noticed this object in the sky that night.
thanks for accepting my report

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