Black Triangle Sighting in Smith Island, Maryland on 2016-10-03 20:20:00 – Big triangle 4 red lights on the back of it right over the houses then it turned and went sw maybe 60 miles per hour

I went down to pump the water out of my boat when i turned the pump off i started up the warf and seen 4 red pulsating lights in a row when i got up close to the house i could see it was turning and i could see it against the sky triangle shape at least 200ft wide no sound slow at first them it picked up speed maybe 60mph cuss it went about 1 mile in about a min the hole time two jets flew around it and they keep flying around for hours later and they are still flying around tonight i keep looking out their right now this is something iv never seen before it was so big i could not bleave it could fly living near a target ship iv seen a lot of things this was drifrient

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