Black Triangle Sighting in Bentonville, Arkansas on 2016-09-22 00:00:00 – Flew down to another ufo that came up from a cloud exchanged some sort of light source then both ufo’s flew back into the cloud.

I when outside around 1130 to back my trial into my garage an a shooting star caught my eye. so i started watching the sky. it seemed if all the stars where moving in a odd pattern. one star to the north was very low an didn’t seem to be a star. it seem to be very low an hovering around. at this point everything seem to change a little an nothing seemed right. i then noticed other objects in the sky but they where to close for comfort for me so i stepped in my house. i called the dispatch my a report. about 30 mins later i was doing landry my t.V. turned on thinking it was my son i when to the living room an there was a green quarter sized orb like object in my living room. it bounced around the room an then blinded in with the xbox light. after this night night i have seen an felt the presents of something.

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