Black Triangle Sighting in Grovetown, Georgia on 2016-10-05 22:10:00 – Triangle shaped ufo. red blue lights. lights would disappear and appear a great distance away. additional white lights. moving over fort gordon.

1. driving on gordon highway towards harlem. was going under railroad overpass right before state medical prison. file has in-depth info.
2. the interior of my car lighting up.
3. plane or radio tower.
4. object- triangle, flashing blue-white and red light mimicking an airplane. metallic surface.
actions- hovered momentarily before moving rapidly as described below.
motions- would hover, glide slowly eastward, lights would go out, then quickly appear a great distance away. additional white lights would appear after it appeared again.
5. feelings- nervous, intrigued, a need to pull off the road asap. called relative for support.
6. driving and it was moving opposite direction. did not want to be close to it anymore.

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