UFO Sighting in California on 2016-10-05 20:07:00 – I decided to look out the window (when the microwave oven was on). i thought i was looking at a ultra bright star or planet venus. when i returned to the same window the ultra bright light was gone.

The sky is dark and it is 8:07pm exactly. i see a bright light that could be the planet venus from the second floor of my residence facing east. i stared at the bright star wondering it must be a planet. i counted the seconds while looking at its brightness. i was mesmerized by its brightness. writing this now i wonder what made me count the seconds. i counted up to 8 seconds while looking at it. i leave the room when i decided to get my camera. when i returned the ultra bright star was gone. i return to my computer to post my encounter to mufon. while at my computer i hear a helicopter. i return to the same window and scan the sky, i notice a few airplane lights in the area. airplanes or maybe a helicopters, three in the night sky at a much further distance and smaller in size compared to the bright star. then a strange light formation in my view. it may be a plane yet looks brighter and larger than airplane lights. the top light flashing in white accompanied with two bright red non-flashing lights below it. the light formation moved slowly from the right to the left of my view starting from the location where i noticed the ultra bright star. the light continued moving slowly north. it looks odd for a airplane or remote control drone because of the size of the lights and its intensity.

the ‘bright star’ could be a super nova.

perhaps other people have noticed the bright ‘star’ that disappeared in vallejo, california.

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