UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2016-10-05 19:41:00 – I thought it was a satteilte until it suddenly changed trajectory from n to nw (45 deg angle). then 2nd starlike stationary object suddenly zoomed towards object 1 in a se trajectory, meeting other object l

I had stepped out to front yard of our home to relieve our dog (private/residential). it was surprisingly clear and darker sky than normal so i was enjoying this skywatching opportunity). . i looked up to enjoy the abundant stars viewable (more than average) when i noticed one particular star within a constellation continued moving past the constellation i was focused on at a rapid speed. i followed the moving “star” as it continued travelling n then turned 45 degrees nw. i had originally assumed this was a sattelite (ive seen them before) until that moment when it suddenly changed its northward trajectory, turning nw @ approx45 degree angle at the least. my eyes continued to follow its nw path alprox 15 seconds, when suddenly another “star” that had been stationary within a triangular constellation to the nw started zooming towards the unknow nw bound “star”. they both stopped completely stationary leaving measurement wise, 1/2″ buffer zone. then suddenly the kriginal star zoomed ne while the other “star” took off ne after it, disappearing within an eye blink. also, i saw (1) of these exact objects briefly last ngt ( only one) but shrugged it off as a plane or mistaken identity…

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