UFO Sighting in Bondi, New South Wales on 1983-12-22 21:30:00 – Silvery metallic spheres approx 25 feet diameter glowing pulsating bright orange – dim bare metallic less orange bright

1983 december 1,000’s see bondi & bronte ufo’s
now my dears i write this at risk i know of being (further) branded a ‘loon’ but regardless i am not an absolutely convinced believer in the existence of visitations of beings from other planets here so far but the fact that this ¾ of an hour long event was at the time reported on radio at least by reportedly as many as ten thousand sydney-siders.
however, curiously, reports of this, what one would have imagined as being regarded by ufologists, even under the circumstances of the number of reportees and level of importance of authorities give reports, it strongly appears as if skeptical authorities have perhaps intervened removing this event from ufo sightings reported sightings lists from among lists of reports of just single momentary sightings by just one or two people and one would have to ask why? why this particular event. perhaps was it for concern about the military implications for reasons which will become evident.
as best as could calculate i know it was on a thursday night, i believe it may have been about one week before the upcoming christmas long weekend, the 22nd december 1983, we were preparing to gather everything together to go away on one of our last holidays to mid-north coast new south wales at south west rocks up at trail bay about 450 kilometers north of sydney. we’d returned home to south bondi a bit after nine thirty from the last thursday night shopping night before the christmas long weekend planning to leave next morning on our annual holidays.
we planned to take the christmas break at horseshoe bay camping grounds where we’d stayed at least once before at trial bay and between rentals were once again staying with my mother-in-law’s three story house in fletcher street bondi after the unfortunate incident with our neighbor next door stealing our electricity.
we’d returned home around 9:30 pm after late night shopping shop’s closing on the last thursday night’s shopping before the christmas break in 1983.
my then wife and i, had gerry-rigged a unit out of the rear room and toilet complex some years earlier i’d started to fix up some years before to be eventually used for my young brother-in-law when he got older. we’d been staying there already a few weeks by december in the months prior to our planned migration in around march the next year to move to perth.
at two stories above our south bondi street level and then elevation of another tall story above that down to the lane behind and below that the smallish window from the bath/toilet there held a commanding view across tamarama and down the coast. this can be seen since it is a photo from there i happened to save which i used to create the recreation of the sightings the three of us witnessed that evening.
i put the shopping down ready to sort it after i had a cigarette while i hung out the window and enjoyed the view so as also not to allow my cigarette smoke back into the tiny flat.
suddenly two things rushed into the scene before me at what could only be termed, initially, as incredible speed, into the proximity of tamarama bay but then just pulled up on a dime as the saying goes to hover there momentarily around a hundred to a hundred and fifty feet above the park which nestles up into the small steep valley behind the road which circles tamarama bay in turn after bondi then mckenzie’s then bronte, coogee etc.
i was gobsmacked and struggled to make sense of what i was looking at and seeing when just as suddenly while the other two ‘craft’, round orange metallic spheres about 20 to 30 feet across pulsing slowly, glowing brighter and then dimmer orange, seemed to just sort of hang there hovering when i was shocked by a third ‘craft’ which rushed equally fast into the scene.
i was mesmerized trying to make sense of what i was looking at surrealistically transposed there into a scene which i was regularly accustomed to looking across whenever i had a smoke out that window.
now as i peered and tried to focus more closely at it appeared that there was a break in the surface circumference which became clearer with the dimming of the orange glow when its brightness faded. it was then that it was as if there were two 2/3rds size human like figures visible behind a window there moving about inside.
considering that the objects were somewhere between 75 to 150 meters off, and almost, but not quite, up to the same height where i was standing on the top third story that i could estimate that they were between 20 and 30 feet across that the figures i was looking at would have been about two thirds my six foot height.
impulsively and frantically i called to my wife and daughter in the makeshift unit out of instinct “quick come and look the choppers are going to crash into one another!” because we’d lived there on and off for many months over the years and i’d watched how in bad weather especially the police helicopter frequently would hover over the cliffs with its enormous search light nicknamed ‘the midnight sun’ was used to search for fishermen swept from the rocks in high seas. but this was a warm balmy mid-summer night with barely a cloud in th sky and two nights out from a full moon two nights before which shone in the sky out the front of mother-in-law’s behind and away from the scene before me.
but the third ship, craft, thing did not crash into the other two but once it arrived came to the same incredibly apparently impossible abrupt halt considering its initial speed but then the other two did slowly begin to move off around the headlands south towards bronte beach and, i imagined beyond almost lackadaisically as if they were out of an casual evening stroll and reconnoiter doing no more than about thrifty miles an hour.
i rushed inside as fast as i could and being a professional photographer formerly as quick as i could tried to affix my 250mm (?) telephoto lens my pentax camera i admit nervous as hell and fumbling.
“oh-h-h!” i thought disappointed on my return “the bloody things have gone when i returned to the bathroom window but no sooner did i arrive than they just popped up over the far southern bronte headland and continuing at the same steady pace started on a journey i estimate at around between fifty and one hundred and fifty feet above the road way along mcpherson street bronte, then waverley then from radio reports all the way down to the five ways mascot over the next three quarters of an hour or more before doing the typically reported thing of ufos’ splitting up and flying off in all different directions and blinding speed in zips of light.
the rest of that night was a busy one from memory packing the last of our camping supplies, bicycles, tent, annex and stuff into our new sigma wagon for the next morning’s early departure to beat the traffic. may this have been the aspect of the sydney sighting event which shook and most disturbed authorities and the military the most? that somehow some mass influence had been exerted over all the human witnesses to collectively forget it? imagine, for example, that if that was the case and these intellects involved were so scientifically advanced as to be able to do so then other sightings may have occurred, may be occurring everywhere around the globe all the time with no one able to recall there occurrence?
we left the upstairs flat in my mother-in-laws where we were staying to go downstairs when we found my nephew and his mate, come into the house as white as sheets and shaken as they flopped down onto the lounge sofa.
poor kids had been east of the mother-in-law’s house, down sitting on the cliffs overlooking south bondi and the ocean as all three ufo’s came in from the north at incredible speeds only meters over their heads. i realized quickly that their story corresponded with what i’d seen and that in deed from the height that the craft came into my view, especially the third and last one which i’d seen enter the bay so low over the headland it must have almost buzzed their heads sitting there on the park bench in the reserve apparently just talking! unimaginable experience for the poor kids!
my nephew reported that he had said to his mate who spoke first, “what was that!? we were sitting in the cliff-top car park down the end of the street when they came in so fucken low and fast we thought they’d take our heads off!”.
i managed to take, i think from memory, two recognizable photos but only one of the skyline of the bronte roof tops and the three ‘metal balls’ being clearly defined, the other, with the objects by that stage so far off that although i’d tried to zoom in, too shaky and blurred to be discernible. i have since sadly lost these pictures over the decades.
after the event by the next morning we had clearly consciously completely forget the whole incident to some part of my mind as if it had become ‘curtained off’ as totally insignificant?
but the flowing january when i opened the pictures of our holiday snaps retrieved from my staff club i noticed the two picture and excitedly then exclaiming to a confused mum who was in the car “what’s this on the last shot! the metal balls! the metal balls!”.
my mother was in the car at the time and then said that she recalled hearing the reports on the radio and i then recalled hearing those the following morning about “as many as ten thousand reports jammed switchboards for nearly one hour last night flooding into police about flying objects seeing flying at street level twenty kilometers from bondi along mcpherson street waverley, over roseberry many kilometers away and before disappearing at incredible speed over mascot (where our international terminal is)”.
however no reports were heard of since and other than that the following day causing us all to not recall it and consciously not remember the event as if the ufo’s or their inhabitants were blaze about being so up close because they knew they could erase the sighting and experience form our memories despite ten thousand people the night of the sighting reporting it at the time?
(picture 1 uploaded: my photo-shopped version of the scene and the craft of the three spherical ufos (see pointers picture 2:) jumped up over the bronte headland two headlands away and started to fly at about 15 to 20 meters about the ground heading west inland along mcpherson street. i was 9:30 pm mid-summer and a little darker than the photo recreation above. this was the photo i’d taken, and which i described to mum as ‘the metal balls’ and in my house moving about sadly lost.)(picture 2 uploaded: my ‘photo-shopped’ version approximating the picture i took which became lost with the arrows point to where the objects were travelling west along mcpherson street bronte/waverley with the roof of the flats opposite in the dellvue lane, tamarama/waverley/bronte) (picture 3: for context: my daughter at her 9th birthday celebrating in tamarama park below where the objects would have hovered in 1983). call for any further info if you like, hundreds of others must have eventually remembered this sighting surely! l.P.

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