UFO Sighting in Council Bluffs, Iowa on 2016-09-25 20:03:00 – Blue purple hovering moving sphere in sky

Outside with dog. am near c.B. small airport so i know what airplanes look like at nite. looked up and saw purple blue round object soaring across sky from east to west behind neighbors house to north of mine. looked to be at a distance away. i thought it was a meteor, but then saw hovering in sky, so went in house to get cell phone. recorded part of experience. the whiter colors in recording are house landscape lights of neighborhood, but the blue purple light you will see hovering then disappear. next i saw it from behind my house at approximately same distance away, but could not get good video as was partially covered by trees. then disappeared and moved to different location back to where i saw originally from front of house. i did not see it move, just disappear, then reappear. noise you hear on recording is traffic from hwg 92. twice in one spot and once in the other spot. looked like it could have been located somewhere between hwy 92 and hwy 6 in c.B. i read a similar sighting in atlantic ia same nite and moving in my direction. might be same?

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