UFO Sighting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on 2016-10-05 19:45:00 – Witnessed (with my 5 yr old in the car who saw it as well) a very noticeable rounded-v shaped aircraft moving swiftly across the north western sky moving west., with several white lights, it would fade in and out for about 30 sec until disappeared

I was on my way to my sons baseball game in hattiesburg mississippi around 7:45 pm. i had my 5 year old daughter and 20 month old daughter in the car with me. as i turned onto the road towards the fields i noticed this very large aircraft moving at a fast pace across the sky. it got my attention because the appearance of the aircraft and how large it was but also way further off into the sky than a regular airplane and there were two airplanes in the sky as well so it was definitely out of place. it also caught my attention because of the many lights on the craft( about 5-6 lights on each side of the wing or craft) and they would fade in and out as if it was passing through a cloud but it was a completely clear sky with the moon and stars present. it really got my attention to the point where i pulled over and tried to video but it was so far off and fading in and out i couldn’t get it on video and also strangely enough when i finally parked my vehicle at the parking lot i went to see if i could zoom in on the video and there was no video. that seemed strange to me as well because i was positive i got it on video and could prove it may have been something other than a ufo. as soon as i saw this craft it really excited me but also scared me to the point where i was shaking and had to really take a minuet to calm my self before parking and entering the park. my 5 year old saw this as well and coincidently said “it’s a funny looking plane” and then asked where did it disappear when it wasn’t in the sky anymore.
this isn’t the first time i’ve witnessed something strange like this here in hattiesburg, along with my husband and 8 year old son witnessing a very strange black triangle craft about a year ago. i’m very interested if anyone else has witnessed something like this and also anything like this in my area.

thank you! sincerely,

someone not fully convinced but open to the possibility that i may have witnessed a true unidentifiable object that’s not from this world

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