UFO Sighting in Havertown, Pennsylvania on 2016-10-06 20:30:00 – I went out on my upper roof deck & looked up at the sky in the saw direction overhead to see the stars.. a bright light above me in the saw direction flashed brightly. it then , in 5 or 6 seconds faded away vertically and disappeared.

I had to take out some recyclables after dinner to my recycle bin behind my addition. when i went out, it was a nice cool night. i looked up to the sky & noticed the moon. it was a nice sliver of a moon and was very bright. i thought it had a little orange tint to it. i mentioned the moon to my wife when i came in. later on, i went out on my additions upper roof deck to look at the moon & stars. i immediately looked up in the ssw direction above my head at maybe a 70 or 80 degree angle & saw a bright light which at first, i thought was a star. it then flashed, almost like a camera flash, and then went back to a bright starlike light. it then slowly faded away from sight. the whole sighting took maybe 6 to 8 seconds. i then took out my cell phone & started my sky map star map app. there was no major star in that same area. the moon was to the right in the wsw direction. mars was near the moon, to its left. saturn was to the right of the moon but blocked from my view by trees. it was the third sighting i have had on the roof, since i built the addition & roof deck, 17 years ago. i reported to mufon my last sighting.

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