UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2016-10-06 01:07:00 – Faint red star becomes bigger and brighter and flies over city.

Thursday, october 6, 1:07 am, ottawa, canada. i got up to look out my bedroom window. i have logged two ufo sightings on previous occasions within the last couple of years from this same bedroom window but did not keep any records, myself. i have reported one to mufon and another to national ufo reporting center. i have seen about four other sightings over the years directly over the city of ottawa and gatineau. i sometimes look out the bedroom window to check for ufo’s especially at sundown and during the night. there is usually one red air-ambulance helicopter go close by once or twice a day with pulsating red and white lights with characteristic sound. one of the previous ufo sightings was of a very large white light and with a definite round-shaped red light of same size in its center which looked something like a spot light from a short distance away vantage point. this was about 2-3 miles away. the reason i am saying this is that these ufo’s could be trying to imitate helicopter lights! anyway, i looked out my bedroom window and the western sky was misty. there was one large star to be seen, probably mars or venus at about 30 degrees. i looked out of the corner of my eye, as i sometimes do, to see if there were any fainter stars near-by. i thought i saw a couple and one of them was red. they were very small and faint, and much smaller than the first star seen. as i kept looking, the red one seemed to get bigger. then, i detected it to be moving west to north. it came to be within about 5-10 miles, i think, no sound, window open. the red light kept flashing at about once a second as it moved across the sky. it was fluttering up and down and would lunge forward at tremendous speed every 3-4 seconds. it came as close as to within 3-5 miles, i think, before going out of view because of the window frame. it was going way too fast to be a helicopter at that distance.

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