UFO Sighting in Brechin, Ontario on 2016-10-07 06:30:00 – Very large orb with multiple colours blending /changing moving about a !000 kph then accelerated to about 3000 kph at a level of a cessna or lower.

Driving north highway 12 towards orillia when all of a sudden a large orb moving from the west (below my sun visor) to the east then south east and then disappeared. i witnessed this for about 6 to 7 seconds and it did not change altitude at all.
it had a swirling colour change of white and green.

it was so low and big and very bright solid object that was over orillia
and disappeared into the sunrise over towards lindsay ontario.

i have seen shooting stars before but this was absolutely nothing like one at all !!!!

i am an avid r/c hobby pilot and am very used to looking at very small planes in the sky but this thing was amazing and unbelievable .

my dad wonders if i saw an iridium flare but says it cant be if it was that low and isnt sure if they go west to east?

it was so low i didn’t even have to look up !
i wasn’t surprised at first but as the day went on and the more i thought about it i realized this was something very unusual and had to tell co workers about it which is something i dont like to do because they might think i’m crazy !

i cannot get over the immense size of it and how it accelerated into the sunrise.

there was about 5 cars behind me that would without a doubt would have to have seen what i saw as it was so massive.

1. driving to work on hwy 12 south of brechin actually i was in gamebridge.

2. huge bright object

3.An aircraft

4. moving large bright object with swirling/blending green and white at
very low altitude (not in space) was moving slow but faster than a jet and then accelerated very rapidly towards the sun and vanished.

5. didnt feel scared but had to hit brakes as i almost drove into the ditch on east side. as the day went on the more i realized i saw something very different and not from this world and had to tell people about it. i told my dad who believes in ufos because he saw one as a kid in a school yard with other kids but i always laughed at him because i didnt believe in them.

5. vanished into sunset

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