UFO Sighting in Lakewood, Ohio on 2016-10-07 06:50:00 – Observed bright white light/object moving sw-ne at high speed no flashing lights no other aircraft in area, lost site over lake erie

At work driving school transportation van enroute to pickup students.Stopped at intersection and saw bright white light/object moving across sky from sw-ne. there was no sound at all and craft was moving away from hopkins airport area towards lake erie. saw object from side and rear as it crossed sky. lost site as it moved over lake. shortly afterwards local radio (102.1 fm) on air staff were talking about calls coming in from areas east of cleveland reporting sightings of bright light(s) in the sky.
i am former police sgt and army nco. what ever this object was/is was moving much faster and silently than anything i have seen in the past.

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