UFO Sighting in Butler, Pennsylvania on 2016-10-10 18:30:00 – Taking pictures of the sunset and did not notice objects until i transferred them to my computer at home.

I was fishing from shore at the rt.528 launch area. the sun was starting to set so i started taking some pictures of the sky looking towards the west which is down lake. i took 5 pictures in a span of about 15 seconds.When i got home i download the pictures to my picture gallery which allows me to make the pictures larger. as i was looking at the different pictures i noticed two objects in the center of the picture that appeared to be solid.The 2 pictures i took before and after did not show these two objects.I took another picture which showed 1 object further to the south west, but the other object was not with it. i then tried zooming in my picture gallery and the objects appeared to be a dark circle in the center surrounded by a silver circle around it. the single one i took also seemed the same way. of course, zooming in greatly exaggerated the pixels so it was distorted. but i’m sure they were not airplanes or helicopters and definitely not birds. the pictures i submit below show the 2 objects in one ,a second picture taken about 4 seconds later showing no objects and the other picture showing a single object over the land.

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