UFO Sighting in Oslo, Oslo on 2016-10-10 22:46:00 – Starlike lights with direction change

Was looking up at the night sky over oslo. was watching a plane flying low, decending towards the airport. suddenly behind and over i saw a star like lights flying across the sky for å short distance and time before it was gone. it was not a shooting star or a meteorite. the light was so crystal clear, and leaving a short silvery aura that disappeared fast. clear, like the difference of a led and fluorescent light! it was too fast to be a plane, was pulsating/expanding just a little bit. short time after i saw another one. this one was headed in another direction at another speed. the direction was almost straight, kinda wobbling a little bit. saw a total of 4 lights on around 35 minutes. different speed, directions. the third one i saw did a 90 degree turn to the west.
i love sstargazing and have been watching the night sky for a long time and i have never seen anything like it. i have seen satellites, meteorites, shooting stars and this was like nothing else! there is no doubt in my mind about what i finally saw!
one of the lights came from the west super fast, then slowed down drastically(like a super fast car slowing down because of a red light) and then super fast again and “nugged” like that a couple of more times on its way across the night sky before it disappeared.

my conclusion is either secret governmental/non governmental spaceships/antigravity ships or e.T´s… but how could i know!? 🙂

my mind is blown…! there is one thing believing… but knowing, is just a whole aanother level..!

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