UFO Sighting in Petaluma (Dillon Beach), California on 2016-10-08 20:20:00 – Saw scattered lights in the sky. a couple disappeared, then rest lined up before disappearing.

I was out camping with my brothers and my parents at dillon beach. to get to the point, me and my parents were sitting by the campfire our second night there. i had to get up and move my spot because smoke from the fire blew in my direction. that was when i noticed the ufos and i immediately told my parents to check it out. at the beginning there were about 7-8 lights that we could see, and they were scattered about too but still close by each other. that’s when i ran into our trailer to get my phone and record what i could, and by the time i was out only 6 were left in the sky and they formed sort of a curved line, and that’s when i started to record. 4 of them begin to disappear and left only 2 before they also disappeared just after. all of this happened within about 2 minutes.

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