UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2016-10-05 18:11:00 – Single bright light, the broke into smaller peices, 2,3,4, then 5 peices

Was watching the clouds at 6pm become lighted by sunset, found the luminious colors worthy of taking pictures then after observing images on phone, clouds shown a light, that looked faint with the eye but showed brighter in photo.. i observed these lights while driving on the interstate 10 freeway heading west. as i was drivingi set camera toward the sky to capture the brilliant sunset colors and noticed the white lights break up, in a small straight line pattern. as the lights broke apart the central orb, became smaller, till they were all equal size, in two distinct patterns, one of two side by side and the other 3 inline…. as i was driving, i stopped to maintain my course on the freewy, after returning to a straight enought path i started photographing again, this time capturing a single light breaking into two… there after i saw nothing further. they may have flown off or just disappeared.

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