Dr. John Alexander – The Mysterious Skinwalker Ranch – October 10, 2016

John-Alexander-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Dr. John Alexander entered the U.S. Army as a private in 1956 and was a colonel when he retired. His second career was at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he created the military effort in development of non-lethal weapons and which involved him with the National Research Council, NATO, and the Army Science Board. His graduate studies include an MA, Pepperdine University, Ph.D. Walden University, and programs at The Kennedy School of Government, Harvard, Sloan School, MIT, and Anderson School, UCLA.  An Aviation Week Aerospace Laureate, and listed in American Men and Women of Science,  he is a past president of the International Assn. for Near-Death Studied, three-term councilor, Society for Scientific Exploration, and founding board member of the International Remote Viewer’s Assn.  He is the author of many articles, monographs and books including UFOS: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities with forewords by Jacques Vallee, Tom Clancy, and Burt Rutan.

John also worked with Robert Bigelow, a real estate magnate with an interest in the paranormal, who has funded UFO and paranormal research.  Bigelow’s paranormal investigation organization included many credible investigators, the majority of which were scientists. The organization was called the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS). John participated in NIDS investigations, including into a mysterious ranch in Utah, dubbed the Skinwalker Ranch, where scientists experienced paranormal activity first hand.

For more information about John, visit: JohnBAlexander.com.

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