UFO Sighting in Athens, Georgia on 2016-10-11 20:05:00 – I saw this bright flashing odd shaped thing hovering right above me (3 flashing lights), looked to my left maybe a mile away and say tons more but those were moving!

As i was driving home i saw a bright flashing light in the sky above, it grabbed my attention because it was hovering so low!! i immediately pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures. i was trying to drive, observe this crazy object and take pictures all at the same time. i was so freaked out, then i look to my left and i see more, except these were at a farther distance away and appeared much smaller. i didn’t know what to think, there were so many of these moving flashing light objects flying around in the distance, these also seemed to be flying a bit higher but still low enough for them to be noticeable! once i get home i’m telling my husband all about it and showing him the pictures, he didn’t seemed too concerned and made me feel kind of crazy for “seeing what i saw.” a couple hours later i was outside and saw the same low flying object fly over near where i live, it was traveling very fast!! i ran inside to get my husband, and with no urgency and rolling of his eyes, he takes his sweet time, as i’m yelling for him to hurry! by the time he came out the object had passed behind trees and could no longer see it, i just wanted him to believe me. throughout that night i could look in far distance of each direction of the sky and could see tons of tiny moving lights all around! there were just so many! my husband said they were airplanes, well i had never seen airplanes fly that low around where we live and that many! we may see a couple of planes high in the sky fly by at night but nothing like this! no one can change my beliefs of what i saw!

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