UFO Sighting in Iowa City, Iowa on 2016-10-11 21:20:00 – Almost as if waiting for a turn signal

1) driving from residence to nearby gas station for a soda and orange juice for the morning.
2) stationary lights in a w or chevron wedge above my head with some unusual light patterns.
3) airplane — i am in the flight path of a municipal airfield and planes go directly over my home to land approx 200 yards away. small craft but slow and low — usually very loud but not enough to be alarmed.
4) figured it was a plane. no accompanying sound before during or after. nice weather had window down driver’s side and sunroof was open. also, it isn’t moving. most planes move.
5) light pattern changed when it glided onward ahead of me, banked sharply as a lazy course correction of sort. couldn’t recall if lights were in a pattern of changing it was soon far ahead of me and i can’t tell if i lost sight from clouds or just distance or some other intervention.

i first felt odd for a plane holding still in the air. then it wasn’t like most planes i have seen. then it accelerated away faster than a car could, even a fun car. also it was above me and quickly rolled to the right to be going more ssw than sw. it was loosely following the road.

i had an idea in my head of a mantis-like creature in a cockpit style layout like you would see on a combat plane but the canopy was opaque. i wasn’t close enough to see if it even had a canopy or cockpit this is just purely what popped into my head.

possible biases; i am interested in ufos and have read john mack’s book and used to listen to art bell years ago when i could stay up that late and not suffer for it! i try to look up more often just in case. i had a praying mantis on my living room window a few weeks ago. i’m probably not a great witness because of my desire to see something like that. on the other hand it was pretty anticlimactic since it was over in seconds. maybe ten seconds stationary and then one second quick dart and the it did a little bank or roll and was gone in another second or two. i honestly thought for a moment it knew that it was spotted but i don’t know how since i kept moving the whole time.

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