UFO Magazine Article: “Oficial da Marinha do Brasil relata avistamento de UFO” (“Brazilian Navy official reports sighting of UFO”)

31 March 2014 (updated)
(Revista UFO (Brazilian UFO Magazine), Campo Grande, Brazil)
The UFO incident was witnessed by a radar operator aboard Pará (D27) (destroyer) in 1990 or 1991 during Operation Dragon (Operação Dragão), according to the article.

The UFO dived into the sea, according to the witness.

English translation:
 “CT Pará – D 27” (Brazilian Navy web page)
English translation:
Operation Dragon (Operação Dragão) XXVII was held off the coast of the state of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, in December 1991, according to the naval.com.br web page.

Wikipedia article: “USS Albert David (FF-1050)”
Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Brazilian Navy leased the ship on 18 September 1989 and she was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 24 January 2001. She was subsequently sold to Brazil and served as the destroyer Pará (D 27) until 12 November 2008 when she was decommissioned. She now sits in reserve.

Albert David earned three battle stars for service in the Vietnam War.”

Pará (D27), Brazilian Navy (wikimedia.org)
(wikimedia.org photo)

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