UFO Sighting in Angles Camp, California on 2016-07-26 22:30:00 – A single white light that spit into two seperate craft then illuminated our campsite

My girlfriend and i were camping at new melones lake looking up at the stars at approx. 10:30 pm. we both noticed a craft that had an exceptionally bright light on the exterior slowing moving towards us from the north. about 10 seconds later we observed the exterior light on the craft becoming significantly brighter to the point that it dully illuminated our campsite, similar to a police helicopter spotlight but this craft was over a mile away and made no noise. the object then appeared to split into two separate craft flying side by side 5 seconds later followed by an abrupt 90 degree turn and sped off at a very high rate of acceleration covering a distance of at least 5 miles in under half a second all while making no noise. no drugs or alcohol were involved. we were both in awe at what we had witnessed and somewhat afraid. i am not sure if the craft(s) we observed were in the shape of a sphere or if that was just the external lights.

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