Black Triangle Sighting in Orwell, Ohio on 2007-10-10 21:00:00 – On the highway i saw and drove uder a huge black triangle.Had 3 white lights and one red in center.Forgot how to get to work.

This happened years ago when i was on my way to work heading towards craftmaid cabinet factory in orwell ohio. i had been working there through a temp service for almost 3 months. i was on the highway and was approching a bridge ahead of the bridge i saw a big black triangle craft with white lights in each corner and one red in the center. it was big enough and close enough that it blocked the sky out as i approached it. it was just siting there hovering probably only about 100 feet above the trees and took up both sides of the highway. when i looked up as i drove under it the red light was right above me i have never seen anything like it. then i remember looking in my rearview mirror and it moved off to the right very slowly and when i tried to look back again it was gone. the weirdest part that bothers me to this day is that i could not remember where i was. i knew i was trying to get to work but all the sudden had no clue where i was and i had drove this route by memory for almost 90 days. i ended up getting off a wrong exit and got back on the highway trying to figure out how to get back home. i finally saw a sign that said youngstown which was kinda by where i lived in warren so i got off there and found my way back home and never went back to work there. i was staying with my father at the time and knew i couldnt tell him that so i told him that i was let go from the job through the temp service. to this day i have no idea how i could have forgot how to get to work it was like i felt funny and couldnt make a clear thought. ive came to this website before but could never bring myself to fill this out but i think i just want people to know and maybe somone knows what it was. thank you, matthew peigowski.

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