UFO Sighting in Saint Catharines, Ontario on 2016-10-13 19:20:00 – Looked outside my door grabbed binocular and seen ufo clear as day with lots of coloured lights flashing while it hovered over the st. catherines hospital. then a helicopter came towards it and it abruptly took off

I was watching tv when my boyfriend called me to the front door to look outside and bring the binoculars. when i came to the door i seen a big bright object in the sky the size of a dinner plate from where i was standing. when looking through the high powered binoculars you could see clearly the round shape of the object and bright colourful flashing lights all around it. while staring at the object i notice a helicopter coming towards the object when it abruptly took off in a very quick straight motion and disappeared. during the whole ordeal we took pictures which came out to look like bright boomerangs in the sky.

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