UFO Sighting in Owen Sound, Ontario on 1994-06-30 22:30:00 – Lights in the sky at night, with strange affects

When i was about 16,in 1995.I was over at a friends place staying for a weekend,late july. he lived in a rural area west of the city of owen sound ontario canada, near sauble beach ontario.We hadn’t seen each other since school ended for the summer.We were hanging out, talking, just doing what friends do etc.We were walking on the side road where he lived it was around 10pm at night. we both seen this strange looking light , down the road probably a mile or so, above the tree top level, we could see the out line of the tree tops form the remaining day light. this object hovered above the distant tree line, but swaying left to right. it had 5 lights the centre light was redish to orange in colour but pulsating, and it had 4 other lights that were in a square around the centre light that were green blue.We watched it for 20-30 seconds, while it swade from left to right.Then the object,moved right towards,us in a blink of a eye. i only really recall the centre light becoming extremely bright, like some one pointing a flash light in your eyes at night.Then in the next moment, i was watching the object swaying left to right above the tree top level down the road, and then it just streeked acrsos the sky, in a north direction and disappeared.My friend and i both looked at one another, and with out a word,both ran back to his house.We went inside his house, in his lower level( the house was a 2 story we were in the lower ground level)we sat on a the couch and after a few moments asked each other ” did we see what we just seen”. we both described the same lights and rapid movement of the object , not just like a “flash light being shone in your face at night”, but how the object just streeked across the sky.One thing, that is the strangest part, is that my friends digital wrist watch , was almost an hour behind the clocks in his house, and he looked at all the clocks in the house even the one on the kitchen stove.They all read 11:20 pm, i thought he was just kidding be he showed me all of them. and from his wrist watch to the clock in his house , i still recall his wrist watch being 10:12 pm, and the clocks in his house reading 11:19pm.We did not discuss what happened,and went off to bed. the next day after awhile, i asked him about what happened, he said to me we both know what took place, and “as far as i am concerned, nothing happened”.Over the years we have drifted apart.Before we went our separate ways in life , so to speak, i would periodically had asked him, do you want to talk about took place that night and he would have nothing to do with it.For me i some times have “flashes ” of things i can’t explain. things like bright lights, with human like silouhets behind the lights.I had no unexplained scars or bruesing after the event.But am still left wondering, what had really happened.Now some 20 years later i live only but 2 miles south of where the events of 1995, took place ,and have seen some unexplianed things in the nights, or near night sky.As recently as august of this year 2016 i obsereved a clearly passenger jet, passing to the east of my house( we are under neath a flight path from torornto, ontario cananda’s pearson airport for north westerly flights. departures and arrivals.) it was about 7:30pm in the evening and the jet outline was plain to see with the naked eye,but was being followed by a bright white light of a bit bigger size , but at the same level and approximately “1 foot”, behind the jet(my view point,ground to sky) i have over the years of living here, have see lots of jets pass over head , but have never see one being followed by just a bright light.I can’t explian this. or other instances of objects in the sky.I do beleive we are not alone in the universe and that earth has, and will continue to be visited by unearthly craft and or persons.

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