Black Triangle Sighting in Aurora, Colorado on 2016-10-15 00:00:00 – B-2 in shape. 10 faint orange lights on leading edge

Around 11 o’clock at babi yar park in denver 4 of my friends and i were filming a video project for school. i looked up for some reason i don’t know what caused me to but when i did i saw an object. this object looks like a b-52 bomber but it was dark and made no noise. the object had a leading edge of 10 lights with one in the center and 4 on the sides of the leading edge of the wings, and appear to be black as if painted matte black. the object was flying southwest about 2000 feet off the ground i’d say can’t couldn’t really tell due to clouds being in the sky and no reference points but it was moving at around 300 miles an hour i asked my friends to look up and immediately 3 of the 4 saw the object. my other friend did not have his glasses with him so he could not view the object but did claim to see a blob in the sky flying. after a period of 15 seconds after tracking since first seeing the object made a shallow bank southward and disappeared into the night sky probably due to blending in with the night.

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