UFO Sighting in Hamilton, Ontario on 2016-10-15 02:25:00 – While sitting in backyard a light scanned across my shed. it went left to right then slightly back right to left

Three nights after my report case# 79826
at 2:25am i was sitting outside, looking in my backyard again. a light, from a car was what i first thought, was shining on my shed. it moved to the right and stopped. i could see straight light going from the top to the bottom. it even lite the top peak of the shed and you can see the holes in it. i moved to the edge of the deck when it didn’t go off or move again. then i realized there was no other areas with lights. there was no light on the handles. i stared into the holes at the top and saw, just for 2 seconds, a red light in one of the holes. it looked like the light was coming from the inside of the shed and shining through the panels of the shed walls. then it just turned off.

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