Black Triangle Sighting in Richmond, Virginia on 2016-10-16 22:45:00 – Triangle shape, lights on the 3 points. flat black. real low sound hum when right above you

I went outside with my brother for a smoke and we were talking and i noticed 3 lights coming from an aircraft about the direction of our shed. it wasn’t normal from airplanes that go over our house. and what i noticed first was no sound. i knew it wasn’t normal and i instantly though it was a ufo. it was a triangle shaped object with 3 lights at each point. i really couldn’t tell color until it was over my head it was a flat black with a slight hum sound. it flew just over tree tops at a speed of around 25mph. i lost sight of it when it past over some big trees in the neighborhood. about 15 seconds after i saw it i yelled into my mom to make sure me and my brother weren’t seeing shit. she yelled it was the rocket they launched tonight, but when she saw it she agreed it wasn’t a rocket and it was something out of this world.

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