Google Website Searches: Focus On News Media Articles Reporting On Police Department/Sheriff’s Office/Law Enforcement Officer Involvement In UFO Incidents

Website: Saturday Night Uforia (
(Search term: Police Department)
(Law Enforcement)
UFO news article:
“Air Liner Crew Confirms Flying Discs Over State”
5 July 1947
(The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon)
Quote from the article:
“The first ‘saucers’ sighted were said to be ‘right over’ Oaks amusement park. Don Metcalfe, Oaks employee, told William LeRoy, park superintendent, that he had seen them.
An ‘all car’ alert by Portland police radio brought reports from Patrolman Earl Patterson, in car 13, and Patrolmen Walter Lissy and Robert Ellis, in car 82, that they had spotted them.”

Satellite photo of Portland, Oregon (
( photo)

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