UFO Sighting in Buffalo, Wyoming on 1994-01-31 00:00:00 – 5 bright red lights in a straight line formation slowly moving to the east making no sound.

I was at a friends house in the countryside and were having dinner. out on the porch my friend told me to come out and see these strange lights that he had witnessed a few nights before. we observed bright red lights to the south, all perfectly lined up horizontally and evenly spaced from one another. they were slowly moving in an eastward direction. he said that when he first saw the lights, he presumed they were b1 bombers heading to ellsworth afb in rapid city, sd. however the objects were moving extremely slow and making absolutely no sound. although it was very dark out, it did seem to have an outline and could have been 1 solid object with 5 lights rather than multiple objects, but i cannot be 100% sure of this. it slowly drifted east for about 15 minutes and then the lights disappeared. we were all very astonished and in a state of disbelief.

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