UFO Sighting in Roswell, New Mexico on 2009-08-01 18:00:00 – Figure 8 shape sideways. hovered and slowly moved forward to the se. 10+ witnesses

I was going to dinner while attending nmmi. i was standing in formation outside of the mess hall when someone pointed out something in the sky. we all (about 15 of us) could see a figure 8 type of craft that was sideways.
someone went and grabbed a pair of binoculars and we all took turns looking at the craft.
the craft hovered for about 3 seconds after we all saw it and then very slowly started moving towards the se. we all started arguing about what we were seeing because we couldn’t believe that all of us were seeing this ufo and it looked like nothing any of us had ever seen or heard of before.
i don’t know what happened to the craft because we needed to go in and eat.
no one talked about it after that.

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