UFO Sighting in San Francisco, California on 2016-10-17 20:00:00 – Orange glowing orbs

Here is a link to my dropbox with videos from the night of 10/17


here is a link to my dropbox with videos from the night of 10/13


on two separate days now we have seen very strange lights in the sky in san francisco. our window faces south towards sfo airport so we always see planes flying there. these lights move unlike anything we have seen- they move to the left and right back and forth in the sky, they stop and sit for up to 20 minutes at a time, they blink red and white and have a soft orange glow. through our telescope we have taken a few pictures and videos so please take a look at them and let me know what you make of this. very interesting i want to know what is going on.


tonight in our apartment in san francisco we were looking through our telescope at the full moon and taking a few pictures of it on my phone. we noticed that there was a very brightly glowing star the would flicker orange-white to and orange-yellow or even reddish color. we didn’t know which star this was so i opened the skyview app from my phone and pointed it at the star. what got weird was that the only stars in the general area were called gru, l gru, and l phi od the phoenix constellation, and none of them fit the position or brightness of what we were looking at. we have lived here for four years, know for sure that it wasn’t a building or a tower of any kind (you can see the horizon of the city below, this is defintively far up in the sky), it was not a plane or a helicopter which we saw multiples of near by and could be easily distinguished. we are facing south towards sfo airport where you can see planes flying in a specific flight path and moving at a constant speed. these orbs we saw usually would stay still or drift very slowly to the left or right, and later on in the night seemed to move away from us getting smaller.

looking at nearby airplanes there is a distinct difference in the way they look both by eye, camera on phone, and through telescope. the airplanes have two lights with one that blinks and their color is much different than what we saw. the orbs were brighter than streetlamps on our street and most other lights in the distance. the things we saw had a distinctly round-oval shape and bigger than a plane. they were orange and gave off a glow and were very bright. they moved much slower than any planes nearby and zipped back and forth slowly over the course of a few minutes per movement usually, or would spend most of their time standing still. occasionally they would disappear and then pop back into view. when they disappear they would first blink very brightly and sometimes alternate between colors (white-orange, yellow-orange, red-orange, and their left side would sometimes glow very green). these colors don’t seem to show up in the video but through the telescope are very obvious. after blinking but before fully disappearing they would fade out over the course of ten seconds or so, completely be gone, and then pop back into almost full brightness somewhere else nearby (sometimes higher in the sky or far to the left, we used a telephone pole and skyscraper as reference).

it got even more weird when it multiplied. after observing for 10 minutes and again after about 30 minutes this object split. occasionally another clone would pop into existence near it for the next 15 minutes, sometimes they would fade and disappear or they would hang out in a pair on a straight line above horizon, or as three in a triangle.

another small note is that they seamed to appear most often around the time planes would take off or land, which would be far below them. sfo airport is to the left of and below where these were flying, fly zone of airplanes is significantly lower and planes move in a much faster speed. it may have been above the san bruno mountains or south san francisco or farther south.

time frame 10/13
7:55: first spotted, thought it was a star
8:05 split into two but the clone was quickly out of sight
8:09 started noticeably moving to the left
8:30, split again, both move very noticeably, sometimes 2-3 over half hour with lots of movement
9:10 started to settle down, just 1 staying in same spot and blinking, eventually fading
9:20 stopped seeing these orbs, only saw planes after this

10/17 took less notice of the time frame as objects remained in sky for over 2 hours. they kept appearing and disapearing, moving, zooming back and forth, splitting, t

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