UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2016-10-17 14:10:00 – Glowing gold/copper orb moving se to ne above los angeles

First sighting of white ord was arround 12:47 pm. was waitting for step son to get out of school, reach for my camera but by then has dissappered. went home and arround 2:05 came out went to the car got my camera it was a beautiful day. found some shade and look up to the sky se. i observed a orb; gold/copper color moving from se to ne. grab my camera and try to focus on but it was gone in a few seconds. look at my watch and it was 2:07pm look up again and i notice a red /orange glow on the clouds but this time ne so i focus and took the first picture.About 30 seconds later it turn into a glowing white hovering object then i immediately took another 3 pictures before it disappear. so i went inside to review my pictures. since is not the first time i have experience this. i remain pretty calm and happy, it made my day. then later i decide to reported to mufon. hope you would find this data useful.

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