UFO Sighting in McKinney, Texas on 2016-10-17 00:00:00 – Cast shdow over me looked up saw the damn thing

The moon was very bright on 10-17-16 was just after midnight so i guess it was 10-18-16 i was looking down and a shadow was casted over me i look up and i could see a flying boomerang just 200-300 feet above me . my thoughts was this “its a drone no its to big to be a drone oh my god w.T.F ” by the time i finished that very short thought it was gone had vanished right in front of my eyes disappeared like someone stepping behind a curtain . so it was boomerang shape got a close enough look to say no panels total seamless 100% no noise was dark/gray yet shiny like polished metal and vanished not with speed kind of glided . if you saw what i saw there are only 2 option top secret sort of air craft or little green men. plane pure and simple !

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