UFO Sighting in Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen on 2016-10-17 00:00:00 – Boomerang warm lights turns off and fly away

I was going home at 00:30 midnight.

there was a boomerang flying object which have very strong lights like the lights at a soccer stadium.

i was watching at it, cause it was in the sky so it can not be a normal plane. the light was too strong.

it cannot be a human plane, cause it turns of the light after a few seconds and fly to northwest into another ufo.
a plane will never fly near a other plane by darkness.

i could see then cause a red light is turning off, and on every few seconds.

after that i was going on. i want home.

behind me i saw another flying object it looks like the same like the two others.
so there was three pcs. i was thinking about it and if there were hawks, why i cannot hear anything? everytime there is a hawk in the air it is very loud.

the flying objects did not every sound! every plane or hawk i had hear them.

i friend have told me, that he has seen a few days before:
many american black big suvs near bonn in a smaller village. also there was people of the german aviation authority.

to the boomerang lights:
stars have cold white light like the moon.
the light that i saw, got warm white light. orang, red. very strong not human lights!
i think the object was far away, but if the lights was shinning it looks so big. so the object have to be very big. no hawk can make a so big light.
no plane can hold on, and fly away like a hawk.
what could it be?
if it wasnt three no noise making hawks, it must be a ufo.
they disappaered in northwest together.

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