UFO Sighting in Lakewood Ranch, Florida on 2016-10-20 01:45:00 – Noticed an extremely bright “star” changing colors then realized it was bouncing and swinging. then noticed a second object to the left of it doing the same thing.

Very clear night. no clouds, perfectly clear. bright moon. as of this writing the objects are still visable but not quite as bright but still bouncing and swinging. there are 3 witnesses including myself. we watched the objects from our back yard then from inside the house. my son in-law noticed it first and thought it was star then noticed the extreme color changes and erradic movement. at one point a small red light shot off from the larger object and about 15 minutes later it returned. my daughter took a photo on her phone which i don’t have access to as she’s gone to bed. will send the photo tomorrow if requested.

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