UFO Sighting in Arlington/grand prairie, Texas on 2016-10-21 00:00:00 – A friend and i were pulling out of his neighborhood heading south about a quarter mile down the road i looked to my right and noticed a dark object in the west we were just then passing a football field at a junior high school at that time a told my frien

Like i said before we were passing the school heading south on 14th st when i told my friend to take a look by that time i was fumbling for my phone to take a pic it was in the west over grand prairie or arlington texas what made me notice there was no clouds or air traffic ,when i first saw it i thought maybe balloon but the color and the shape were odd and no navigation lights any how before we reached the next intersection we lost sight it was in a south bound location we came around the corner and we seen it again by that time it had moved what seemed like a good distance from when we first seen it and there not being any wind if it was a balloon it traveled to fast it felt good seeing one but being dark in color seemed somewhat ominous.

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