UFO Sighting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 2016-10-21 16:20:00 – 113 unknown sphere objects

Took my mother over to a doctor’s appointment in winston salem near forsyth hospital. while sitting in my vehicle in the parking lot, something shiny caught my eye in the sky to the north. it was clearly a sphere, flying south at a high rate of speed. i continued to watch over the next 30 or so minutes and counted 113 spheres. some were flying side by side, one in front of the other and several at one point zig zagging around one another. at one point i observed an airplane flying towards the south west and the spheres were whizzing across its flight path. i would estimate that the spheres were traveling 10 times as fast as the plane. once a sphere would come into view, it was only visible for about 3 seconds. if not for the sun, i would have never seen them. they were coming from the north and heading south. no change in direction. i counted 113 of them total. may have been more but that’s how many i was able to see. almost all of them with the exception of a few, were higher in altitude than the airplane. would be hard to say how big they were but, i would estimate perhaps half as big as the airplane that flew over and perhaps a few bigger than the plane. i watched for several more minutes and didn’t see any more.

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