UFO Sighting in Licking, Missouri on 2016-10-22 19:33:00 – 6 separate craft to be described in the detailed description

Stepped out into to get some fresh air. the sky is clear of clouds and visibility is excellent. the time is 7:33 pm and i looked up to the stars. i spotted a very bright white light begin moving from a point between the star vega and the north star, it was moving east but then the one light became 3 lights as the other two went into different directions to the north east. all three moved at a very fast pace then vanished from view at the points indicated on the drawing supplied with this.
at this point 3 commercial airlines flew through the area but all 3 craft had disappeared.
at 7:50 pm i craft #4 began moving north from within the great box of the pegasus constellation. its flight began almost where #2 had vanished.
at 8:00 pm #5 began to fly north from point indicated on drawing. a moment later craft #6 began flying parallel to craft #5 but it lagged slightly just behind it. all crafts except for #6 were a single bright white light like a star. there were no other lights visible. no flashing lights. craft #6 however was a very dim gray light that slowly pulsated from very dim to very bright. it was so dim at first i almost did not notice it until if pulsed to a brighter gray before going dim again. if flew very close to the #5 craft.

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