UFO Sighting in Terre Haute, Indiana on 2016-10-22 22:05:00 – Noticed bright fire like objects in the se sky moving steadily in a straight path ne. they moved in a pattern first (three at a time) one in front with two following the two in front with one following. there were about 15 in all.

The craft were not visible from my point of observation. one could see what appeared to be star like objects with what appeared to be flames coming from the top. this gave the appearance of a star shape. the objects were too far away to make out any distinguishing characteristics. no noise of any kind could be detected. however the objects all flew is a straight line. they flew three at a time. at first i thought it could be chinese lanterns, but the path of flight was too directional. seems like they were piloted.
as far as how i felt, i was just curious.
the objects just flew out of sight to the nw.

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