Strange bright UFO spotted over Brisbane, Australia during full moon rising

Red and white cylindrical object over Brisbane Australia, during full moon rising of October 16, 2016.

 Above image shows 4 of the 11 original photographs.

Witness states: This object was descending on a steady flight path angle from left to right, as would an aircraft. My question over this being merely a commercial aircraft, is that it doesn’t appear to be a case of motion blur; rather an evenly halved red and white body.

Also; if it was an aircraft heading from my left to my right towards Brisbane International airport, from my vantage point on the west side of Brisbane (about 20KM from the CBD); why then do I see it as a well lit, thick cylinder instead of just what I would normally see from a conventional aircraft of wing-tip lights as it passed side-ways to my viewing perspective – NOT bright lights as it would be if facing my direction?

Above image shows 2 of the 11 original photographs.

I further speculate that even if it was the cabin lights from windows; it would appear on film as only a relatively thin band of white lights – not the full height of the vehicles fuselage. Also; there would be no red color on the full side of same to leave this image as an equally distributed red and white object, and certainly would not start and end as a rounded curved shape as it does.

I have a good degree of photographic knowledge, as I was a professional photographer for over 30 years.

This is not the first unusual sighting from the same vantage point of my house. Mufon case 79987.

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