UFO Sighting in Eagle Pass, Texas on 2016-10-23 22:15:00 – Driving south when noticed strange huge ball of energy hovering in distance, when passenger took outs phone and started recording the ufo projected a sort of shield around itself and then started to become transparent and interfered with cell phone

I was driving south to the casino and noticed something odd, at first i thought it might be a star until i realized it was coming closer. it almost appeared to be a huge ball of energy just hovering and then changing shape almost as if it would start to melt and then become its original shape again. when i tell my friend to check out what i was now assuming to be a ufo and record it as proof, once we start recording the flash is on and the ufo seems to project this weird shield around itself and starts to become transparent but not completely, until it attempts to change its shape and is still just hovering. we did get a good video of it and you can see where it shields itself as if it does not want to be recorded!!!

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