UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 2016-10-23 22:00:00 – Bright lights repeating patterns

Around 10pm on october 23rd, 2016 i was sitting outside of my house with witness #2. w2 spotted two of what they described to me as shooting stars. i looked up to see, and i saw a third one. it was an abrupt streak of white light. i stood up and walked further into my yard to get a better view of the night sky, and while facing east, i saw more unusual lights. there was a cluster of lights, around 10 or so, all the same size (star size) and color (white), moving in formation over and over, but remaining in the same spot in the sky. i was amazed at what i was seeing, so i called w2 over. they saw they same thing i was seeing. we called witness #3 out from inside the house to look at the lights. we all discussed what they could be. drones, maybe. the way they were moving reminded me of swarming bugs under a streetlight, but much slower. w3 went back inside, so w2 and myself moved to the backyard to get a better look at the lights. at first i could not make out a definite pattern of the lights, but at first it almost looked like they were forming geometric shapes, with an odd veil of mist, and it was slightly blurry. after a while, w2 and i headed back inside. i grew curious and went back out, and sat near the same spot i had first seen the lights. i watched quite intently and finally noticed a pattern. now the lights were brighter and clearer. first they would cluster, then form a square tipped on its side, with a light forming each corner of the square, and it had a tail made up of about 3 lights. when it was this shape it reminded me of a kite. i actually at one point questioned if it was a kite, there was no wind to fly one. but then it would reform, the other lights fading out, until it was just 3 lights diagonally, then it would reform once more. this time all the other lights would fade out and it just looked like one star in the sky. then just as quickly, it would be a cluster of lights again, then kite, then three, then one. of course, the pattern was not perfect, the lights constantly were shifting, swirling and moving, but it was a pattern of lights nonetheless. at one point, as a group, the lights did also appear to hover and then move slightly to the left, while still moving amongst themselves. but they moved as a unit. that happened once, then they kept shifting and forming their weird pattern again. maybe it was supposed to be a message? maybe they were trying to imitate the little or big dipper? maybe they were just trying to dance. i continually watched these lights for the next hour or so. i described the pattern to the other two witnesses, but i can’t be for sure if they noticed it as much as i did. i eventually went inside because i was starting to grow anxious. it could still be going on in the sky but i am too afraid to go check by myself. although i have had a prominent interest in ufos and alien abduction for years now, this was my first sighting, so i am still feeling fearful, and even a little skeptical. maybe there is some explanation for these mysterious lights? overall it was truly an eye-opening and exhilarating experience and i am excited to hear back from the good folks at mufon.

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